Santa María Corporate Legal firm

The firm

Corporate Legal Santa María

We are a firm of lawyers and accountants based in the City of Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara, Jalisco, which has over 12 years experience in the field of litigation and tax and accounting advice and has we worried about having highly trained professionals the various branches of law, to provide welfare and safety in carrying out their legal and accounting actions.

Our team has a professional profile, serious and responsible, plus most of them have worked for national and international companies in the judiciary and public sector enterprises, giving them a professional experience that ultimately applied for the benefit of their clients, professionals whose goal is to represent the business society to all types of courts, agencies or whether domestic or foreign, having the experience, responsibility and commitment that you or your company needs.

Our commitment to all clients is immediate access to a team of lawyers specializing in the field you require able to address and resolve various problems, providing a variety of legal services that meet the highest ethical and legal standards and delivery services in the shortest time possible and always looking for the best cost for you.

Our mission and vision


Provide legal security to our customers in celebrating all the legal, commercial and tax acts, on the premise conflict prevention and if the same solution, ensuring our work with the welfare of the person or company and safeguard their heritage assets.


Being our clients a professional service working together for their benefit with responsibility and commitment based on our laws.